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Garage Door Colours & Texture

Personalise your garage door with a range of colours made for New Zealand conditions

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Textures & Finish:

Looking for the perfect garage door colour?

We use trusted brands COLORSTEEL® and Dulux for all garage door colours.

All of our garage doors are made from COLORSTEEL®. From there, choose from the COLORSTEEL® pre-painted range or powder coat your garage with Dulux's range of powder coat colours.

Smooth or woodgrain texture?

All garage doors come with a smooth finish. Selected styles are also available in a textured/woodgrain finish

See the diference and browse garage textures here.

Dominator, Rodney Garage Door Colour Range


A tough and stylish steel for your garage door.

Dominator garage doors are made from COLORSTEEL® which provides excellent colour performance and scratch resistance.

When it comes to manufacturing our garage doors, we only use the best materials. All of our pre-painted steel is made for New Zealand conditions.

COLORSTEEL® logo: COLORSTEEL is written in all capitals, with a graphic element to the left of the text.

Colour Range

> Colorbond range
† Choose from up to 100 colours

Dulux Powder Coatings

Match your garage door to your favourite colour.

Dulux Powder & Industrial Coatings offers a wide range of stock and custom made powder coating colours and technologies.

Having the widest range of premium powder coatings in the market allows flexibility in design.

See a few common colours below - for additional colours and availability, get in touch with your requirements.

Dulux logo: A blue square with a red stripe at the bottom. "Dulux" is printed in white on the blue. Logo subtitle reads "POWDER & INDUSTRIAL COATINGS" in all capitals.

Dulux Colour Range

Appliance White Matt 9151274M

Arctic White 91558851

Black LSG Matt 9159041M

Bond Rivergum Matt 91552027

Canvas Cloth Matt 9157327M

Charcoal LSG Matt 9159058M

Desert Sand Matt 9153065M

Ghost Grey Matt 9157401M

Gravel Matt 9157404M

Grey Friars Matt 9157167M

Gull Grey Matt 9157511M

Ironsand LSG Matt 9158096M

Karaka LSG Matt 9156064M

Lignite LSG Matt 9158033M

Metropolis Coal Dust Kinetic 9159069K

Metropolis Electric Cow Matt 9158028K

Metropolis Silver Pearl Kinetc 9157113K

Mist Green LSG Matt 9156103M

New Denim Blue Matt 9155063M

Off White White 9153144M

Permanent Green Matt 9156102M

Pioneer Red Matt 9154194M

Sandstone Grey Matt 9157217M

Scoria LSG Matt 9154114M

Thunder Grey Matt 9157324M

Titania LSG Matt 9152068M

Wizard Matt 9155197M

Note about Dulux colour range:

Powder Coating your door involves an additional cost and some non-standard colours will incur a further surcharge. We're happy to help and will advise you of these costs during the consultation process.

The best way to see a colour is in person on a real piece of metal. Get in touch to organise a consultation and view a colour sample.

Garage Door Textures & Finish

Our smooth finish offers a modern and easy to clean look.

All sectional doors come with the smooth finish.

Our textured finish can help to mask dents and scratches throughout the life of your door.

The textured finish is currently available on Futura, Somerset and Georgian style garage doors.

Tap the images to enlarge and preview our garage door textures.

Pick a colour you'll love. Contact your Rodney, Auckland Garage Door Specialists.