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Custom Garage Door Design in Rodney, Auckland

Get a garage door you will love, with endless timber, ply & batten and flush mount options

Receive a garage door that perfectly matches your home

Whether you are after a classic timber style, something rustic to suit your lifestyle property or an invisible flush mount, we can create the perfect door for your home.

We work closely with your builder or architect to produce the highest quality custom garage door for your home. Get inspired and see styles below.

Custom Timber Garage Doors

Bring warmth and beauty to the home with a timber garage door

Choose from a wide range of timber profiles and batten overlays for your garage door.

We can create anything to suit your needs - check out some examples of 

Get inspired - see examples of timber garage doors in Rodney, Auckland

Ply & Batten Garage Doors

A durable yet stylish garage door made from marine-grade plywood and cedar battens.

Made from quality materials, a Plywood & Batten garage door is perfect for adding style to the home while adding an extra layer of durability.

Get inspired - see examples of Ply & Batten garage doors in Rodney, Auckland

Flush Mount Garage Doors

Installed flush with your cladding, these doors blend in with the face of your home for a near invisible appearance.

Flush mount garage doors are an increasingly popular style of door for those wanting a unique, clean appearance.

Get a beautiful garage door that compliments your house

If you're in the Rodney, Auckland area and looking for a garage door like no other, get in touch below.