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Garage Door Openers & Motors in Rodney, Auckland

We offer a variety of garage door openers & motors for both new and existing garages.

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Controlling your garage door has never been easier!

More than just getting the garage door up and down, your garage opener is responsible for the reliability and safe operation of your garage door.

We offer a warranty on all openers and are authorised repairers of all Dominator Garage Openers and Motors.

A variety of entry, security and safety features are also available, both included with your motor or as extras.

Browse our range of sectional, tilt and roller garage door openers in Rodney, Auckland

Sectional & Tilt Garage Door Openers

Automate new and existing garage doors with our range of sectional/tilt garage door openers.

All of our garage door motors include a warranty and standard ease of use, security and safety features.

Smartphone control, battery backups, entry keypads and more can all be added to your sectional/tilt garage door opener too. Browse our range below.

Roller Garage Door Openers

Our roller garage door motors are suitable for both residential and commercial applications

Alongside entry level openers for the home, we offer advanced openers with control panels, battery backups and security suited for commercial applications.

These doors can be automated to date/time cycles, expanded to include security card access, operate in a variety of different modes and much more.

Which garage door opener is best for me?

Here's a few things to consider when choosing a new garage door opener/motor.

Do I need increased garage security for my property and valuables?

Control and monitor your garage's status while you're away, restrict garage operating times and receive real time alerts when your garage door has been used.

These features are available on specific models and as an upgrade.

Will my garage pose a risk to children, guests, pets and property?

Our garage openers can be fitted with safety beams, preventing damage to obstructions in the way of your garage.

This comes both factory fitted on certain models and available as an upgrade.

Will I need access to my garage in a power cut?

Choose from models with built-in battery backups or have this fitted as an extra.

Garage opener pulling force, travel speed, door compatibility and more.

All models on our sectional openers and roller openers page include technical specifications.

When working with us to find the right opener, we take care of all of this and can recommend the right opener for the job - just contact us!

Rodney, Auckland
Garage Opener & Motor Experts

Quick, courteous and on time service...

Excellent tech who never pressured us into something we didn't really want, but explained all options in an informed and polite manner.

Work was done with minimal interruption and was told of all the steps along the way. Tips given on maintenance and all servicing explained. Great company that made the pain of forking out for a new motor and assembly for our door much better. Recommended.

- Mark Perry, Northland

Questions about garage openers?

Factoring in your budget, requirements and type of garage door is part of the full service we offer.

Contact us below - we're happy to help!