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Garage Door Insulation in Rodney, Auckland

Regulate temperature and control noise with our garage door insulation services.

Dominator Futura is just one of our garage doors that can be insulated. See all of them here

We provide garage door insulation for both new and existing garages

We insulate garage doors in the greater Rodney, Auckland area

We use Dominator insulation for our sectional doors and Novahush for existing uninsulated doors, custom doors and doors which cannot normally have insulation.

Dominator Factory Fitted Insulation

Suitable for new and existing Dominator garage doors, our Insulated Series can make your garage more comfortable.

How? Receive around 20% better insulation in your garage, reduce noise pollution and add a clean, distinguished look to the internal face of your garage.

Click here to see which garage doors can be insulated with this material, or scroll on to learn more.

About Dominator garage door insulation

Temperature & Noise Control

20% better insulating performance

Our garage door insulation is made from EPS and infused with Graphite to further absorb infrared energy and reflect heat. The result is 20% better insulating performance than standard EPS. 

A barrier to noise pollution

The acoustic properties of our Insulated Series provide the perfect shield against noise entering and exiting your garage - great for busy roads and budding musicians!

With regulated temperature and noise, use your garage the way you want to.

Novahush Garage Door Insulation

Suitable for custom garage doors, retrofits and where Dominator insulation isn't an option.

Custom made timber doors, garage doors that cannot have Dominator insulation (i.e. Somerset & Georgian) and existing garage doors can all benefit from Novahush.

Garage door with Novahush insulation fitted

A black fabric backing provides a clean, modern internal face to your garage door.

Novahush is a semi-rigid polyester bat, making it resistant to mold and mildew and offering a clean tidy fit to your garage door.

Rodney, Auckland's Garage Door Insulation Experts

“Dominator Doors Rodney did an amazing job for us...

...got a new garage door and we had it insulated as well. The insulation looks amazing and has made a huge difference to our garage - sound and temperature are so much better.

The guy’s that we dealt with and the installation was awesome, 😊 thank you very much”

- Jane Southey, Snells Beach, Auckland

Questions about our garage door insulation services?

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