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Roller Garage Doors in Rodney, Auckland

Looking for a new roller garage door? You're in the right place.

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Offering both residential and commercial roller garage doors, our Series A, B and C roller doors are designed with security, style and durability in mind.

All our roller doors feature a continuous brake pressed steel curtain, aluminium bottom rail with weatherstrip and Nylofelt running strips to provide greaseless operation.

Our roller doors have the option for both manual or motorised operation.

Series A: Domestic

A style to compliment virtually any house style

The stylish yet subdued fine-line ribbed pattern compliments virtually any house style – from contemporary to traditional – smooth-wall, weather board, brick or stone.

Designed with security, style and durability in mind, the Series A Roller Door is built with highest quality of materials meaning that your Roller Door will be operating smoothly for years to come.

Series A Specifications:

  • Maximum size 3200mm high x 3200mm wide

  • Windlocking available as an optional add-on

  • Bird proofing available as an optional add-on

Series B: Semi-Industrial

Your entry into industrial roller doors

With a stronger profile and larger opening sizes available, the Series B Semi-Industrial Roller Door is a strong, economical, reliable entry into industrial roller doors, suitable for homes, sheds, factories and warehouses.

The profile matches with the Series C Industrial Roller Door to provides a profile match for situations where small and large openings are next to each other.

Series B Specifications:

  • Maximum size 3300mm high x 4800mm wide

  • Bird proofing available as an optional add-on

Series C: Industrial

Trusted protection of your assets, fast & easy operation.

With strong clean lines, our Series C Industrial Roller Doors are convenient and low maintenance. The thick steel gauge ensures your assets are protected and unwanted intruders are kept out.

Fast and Easy Operation – The factory aligned reduction gearing system ensures fast operation with minimum effort when opening or closing the doors over 3.3m high. Optional extra on other heights.

Series C Specifications:

  • Maximum size 5000mm high x 4900mm wide

  • Windlocking available as an optional add-on

  • Bird proofing available as an optional add-on

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Garage steel strength

Our garage doors come in different steel gauges/thicknesses.

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Rodney, Auckland's Garage Door Experts

Thank you to the team at Dominator Garage Doors!

Our 3 new garage doors have been installed and we are thrilled. They are not only functional, they look amazing.

Ours was not a straightforward job but with the expertise and patience of all the guys at Dominator Doors, right from the first enquiry to the installation, we have a fantastic outcome.... thanks heaps!

- Dianna Wyatt, Leigh, Auckland

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