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Garage door keypads, safety beams and more in Rodney, Auckland

Your garage opener can be fitted with a wide range of accessories for improved safety, accessibility and security. Browse accessories below.

Garage Opener Accessories:

Photo of a pinpad mounted to the exterior frame of a garage door.

Garage door entry keypad

Perfect for children, enter your garage with a PIN code instead of a transmitter.

Prevent the risk of losing a garage remote or have a backup if you already have with a keypad.

Photo of a garage door that has stopped closing due to a tricycle obstructing a red laser beam spanning the width of the garage door.

Wireless safety beams

Safety beams to prevent your garage door closing on people and objects.

If you have young children or pets, infra-red beams provide added safety and security. If the infrared beam is broken during operation of the garage, your garage door will automatically stop and reverse.

Photo of a rectangular garage door battery backup box

Garage door battery backup

A rechargeable battery to ensure continued operation of your garage door

In the event of a blackout or general disruption to your house's power, your garage remains unaffected and will continue to operate.

Photo of a garage door emergency key release - key inserted into the lock.

Emergency key release

Manually open your garage door in a power failure

If the garage is your only source of entry, an emergency key release to retain access to your property is highly recommended.

Photo of the auto lock mounted to a wall, parallel to the garage's guide track. Auto lock is engaged, with a pin sticking through the guide track and preventing the door from moving

Auto lock

This lock more than doubles the force required to lift your garage door from a closed position*

This device will slide a bolt into your garage's guide track every time your garage door is closed. It is done automatically and does not require any action on your part - just use the remote to close your door.

* Based on a door using an engaged automatic opener

Garage Door Entry & Automation:
Rodney, Auckland

“Thank you for your great service! A+A+A+A+A+

They were right on: timely manner, polite and very professional. I thought my old garage door could not get fixed! But they did it with no fuss and it's now functioning with automated control.

I recommend everyone that needs garage door services to call Dominator Garage Doors Rodney.

- Ruth Wells, Rodney, Auckland

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